LABELS! They aren't just for food.

Our bodies need certain nutrients to work properly and to stay healthy.  When we shop for food, we look at the label and make sure our food is providing us with plenty of the good stuff and maybe not so much of the bad. As consumers, we are getting smarter about what is healthy to ingest, and what products to put back on the shelf.  

We should be just as particular with what we put on our bodies as we put inside our bodies. We need to start looking at the labels of the products we apply on our skin.  There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used by the skin care and beauty industry.  For this reason, La Playa Pilates and Wellness has begun carrying Beautycounter products.  

Click on the Beauty Counter website ( and learn about their mission and the thought that went into their products.  

"At Beautycounter, we’re committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law: We’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our "Never List”—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market.




Growing up Pilates. It is never too early to start.

Watch this great clip of Emma Turner practicing Pilates. Emma, Assistant Buyer at Barney's New York started her day off at 6am with Pilates. After 2 days with the stomach flu, she said, Pilates made her "feel better and like a human again."

Emma started doing Pilates at 13 years old with Mat classes and years later became a BASI certified Pilates Teacher. La Playa Pilates has a new course starting THIS month, and there's still a few spaces left. (If interested, contact BASI Pilates at: (949) 574-1343) or start/restart your journey with a Private lesson, bring a friend for a Duet, sign up for Reformer Class, or drop by for one of our Mat Classes. You'll definitely FEEL BETTER!



I'm 54, have Multiple Sclerosis, and PILATES saved my life!

In February 2000, I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis.) At the time, I was racing bikes, competing in duathlons/biathlons, training for an Ironman, and teaching Pilates full time. I thought the chronic fatigue I was experiencing came from over training and being a single, working parent with 3 children aged 5, 8 and 10. After consultations with 23 Physicians, cycling through stages of anger, denial, and acceptance, consideration and trials of multiple medications, I came to the conclusion that the ONE thing that was in my favor was my history of having exercised my entire life. Consistently! The ONE thing that made me feel better was, you guessed it, EXERCISE! And the ONE thing I could keep doing, regardless of my symptoms, was PILATES.

Now, age 54, I've lived with MS for 17 years. There have been times of greater or lesser struggle, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally; dealing with an illness that has its own agenda has its challenges especially for someone who likes to be in control. Pilates has given me strength in flexibility, with a greater range of motion then any other resistance training could offer. (Believe me, I've tried them all!) The "power house", so often referred to in Pilates, is not just the abdominal muscles, but back, legs, arms all working together with the core in order to NOT JUST strengthen but lengthen every aspect of muscle function, while simultaneously improving balance and stability.

Everyone of us has a story. We are all growing older and fighting gravity with each passing day. We all face challenges. Joe Pilates was a genius of exercise no different then a Thomas Edison or a Steve Jobs, EXCEPT that Pilates has been under realized, but that's changing fast. My studio has some of the best Pilates trainers in the world. We'd love to help you become the fittest you've ever been in your life.

In health and gratitude,
Kristin Turner, Owner and Pilates Master Trainer, La Playa Pilates


Cubs ace Jake Arrieta explains how Pilates helped turn him into one of the best pitchers in baseball

Jake Arrieta

Jake Arrieta became obsessed with Pilates after happening upon a studio in Austin one day with his wife, completely by chance.

Pilates? Sounded interesting. Arrieta figured he would take one or two classes a week. He walked into the studio and signed up for a class with an instructor named Liza Edebor. “I pitch for the Cubs,” he told her. It took him one session to get hooked, and how he's a total Pilates junkie.  After Arrieta’s first session with Edebor he told her, “We need to train together. This is life-changing.”

He took sessions three times a week. He ordered a custom-built reformer for Wrigley Field and put it in the only space available, a cramped storage room that doubled as manager Joe Maddon’s media interview room. Last season Maddon conducted media briefings while Arrieta ground through his Pilates workout just a few feet away.

Arrieta has since turned his garage into a Pilates studio, and his trainer works with him six days a week.

His trainer says, "Jake went from a regular-sized athletic guy to just ripped.  And the only thing we did was Pilates."

Here's how Arrieta describes it:

"It's an incredible experience," Arrieta says. "Pilates has been around a long time but maybe was taboo in this sport. I think it's only a matter of time before you see a reformer in every big league clubhouse.  "What I noticed from Pilates last year was that I have much better control of my body,” Arrieta says. “I repeat my delivery consistently. My balance is much improved. And the mental and physical toughness Pilates requires to complete movements the correct way have directly helped me on the mound.”


(Excerpt from Business Insider online.  You can find the article, in it's entirety here:


Boost Your Immune System with Probiotics

Have you ever known someone who never seems to gets sick? One of those lucky souls who’s just flat-out bulletproof even when flu fells her family or rages through her workplace? Truth is, it’s not just luck—or even vigilant hand washing—that’s keeping these people virus-free. Evidence is growing that the secret to staying well during cold and flu season is due in large part to the food on our plates, in the same way that a healthy diet can prevent diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, and is increasingly thought to play a role in battling other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The immune system is your body’s natural defense against infections; its role is to keep your body healthy and stop pathogenic invasions. About 70% of your immune system lines the intestines of your digestive system, as that is where most pathogenic microorganisms first contact your body. Your immune system is made of many different kinds of bacteria, such as Lactobacillus casei, called the intestinal microflora.

When a pathogen first tries it infect you, your immune system will take a defensive stand: it puts into play a physical barrier to protect itself from the potential plague, this answer is called innate immunity. If this defense is not affective, a second line of defense will come in play, 96 hours later. This second line of defense is stronger than the first, as your immune system has now recognized the type of pathogen trying to invade; and it has formed a memory of its characteristics. Your immune system will therefore act more quickly and will target the weaknesses of this pathogen.

How can probiotics help strengthen your immune system?

Probiotics are another term for the beneficial bacteria found in your gut that fights infections. For probiotics, the expression “the more the merrier” definitely applies. The more probiotics are in your intestines, the more efficient your immune system will be. Probiotics come in the form of many different strains of bacteria, so as to better target and fight pathogens.

During periods of cold, fatigue or high stress, your probiotics count can sometimes be down, making your body more vulnerable to potential invasions. The solution to this problem however is simple: add probiotics to your diet. Probiotics will line your intestines and work hand in hand with your already existing defenses to strengthen your immune system, efficiently combat illness, and improve your general health and wellbeing.

Probiotics is a big buzzword these days—with good reason. Those “active live cultures” found in yogurt and fermented foods are healthy bacteria that work to balance the 100 trillion microbes that live in the GI tract. Our “second brain,” as the gut has been called, is known to control everything from our mood to how many calories are absorbed from food. What’s more, “we’ve also learned that our immune system is headquartered in our gut,” says Alpert. “I’ve watched many clients start taking a probiotic and then see a major decrease in the amount of colds they’ve caught, not to mention loads of other health benefits.