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I'm 54, have Multiple Sclerosis, and PILATES saved my life!

In February 2000, I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis.) At the time, I was racing bikes, competing in duathlons/biathlons, training for an Ironman, and teaching Pilates full time. I thought the chronic fatigue I was experiencing came from over training and being a single, working parent with 3 children aged 5, 8 and 10. After consultations with 23 Physicians, cycling through stages of anger, denial, and acceptance, consideration and trials of multiple medications, I came to the conclusion that the ONE thing that was in my favor was my history of having exercised my entire life. Consistently! The ONE thing that made me feel better was, you guessed it, EXERCISE! And the ONE thing I could keep doing, regardless of my symptoms, was PILATES.

Now, age 54, I've lived with MS for 17 years. There have been times of greater or lesser struggle, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally; dealing with an illness that has its own agenda has its challenges especially for someone who likes to be in control. Pilates has given me strength in flexibility, with a greater range of motion then any other resistance training could offer. (Believe me, I've tried them all!) The "power house", so often referred to in Pilates, is not just the abdominal muscles, but back, legs, arms all working together with the core in order to NOT JUST strengthen but lengthen every aspect of muscle function, while simultaneously improving balance and stability.

Everyone of us has a story. We are all growing older and fighting gravity with each passing day. We all face challenges. Joe Pilates was a genius of exercise no different then a Thomas Edison or a Steve Jobs, EXCEPT that Pilates has been under realized, but that's changing fast. My studio has some of the best Pilates trainers in the world. We'd love to help you become the fittest you've ever been in your life.

In health and gratitude,
Kristin Turner, Owner and Pilates Master Trainer, La Playa Pilates

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