At La Playa we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best care and instruction. That starts with our staff who are all highly trained and experienced professionals.


Owner La Playa Pilates and Wellness, Certified Pilates Senior Trainer
Kristin first started Pilates at the studio in New York City under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates' original trainers: Romano Kryzanowska, Carolla Trier, and Bob Seed. She became certified by Synergy Systems, and added a second full certification from B.A.S.I. (Body Arts and Sciences). Kristin then furthered her study at the Sports Institute for Athletic Trauma. Having attended additional workshops and seminars too numerous to list here, Kristin is an insatiable learner who feels that her additional studies benefits her clients and their needs.  A dance enthusiast, competitive bike racer, and bi-athlete, Kristin's interest lies in helping her clients develop balanced co-ordination and movement patterning for measurably improved strength and flexibility. Kristin's clients say that working with her has led them to live fuller, healthier, and more satisfying lives. An avid traveler, with three children, she has continued to pursue the study of Pilates and anatomy from teachers and professionals around the world.



Certified Pilates Senior Trainer, Faculty Teacher Trainer B.A.S.I
Meredith was born and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe where she was encouraged as an athlete participating competitively in downhill skiing and soccer. Discovering Pilates while rehabilitating a knee injury, she immediately gravitated towards it after experiencing firsthand a discipline that promotes balance and alignment as well as strength. She subsequently studied and was certified through Body Arts and Sciences program. Meredith has been teaching at La Playa Pilates and Wellness Center since its origin in 2002. With eight years of teaching experience she has furthered her training by attending rehabilitation and classical Pilates workshops. As a BASI faculty member she has had the opportunity to instruct new teachers in the USA and abroad. Meredith is passionate about Pilates and its guiding principles and excited to use this method to help people improve their daily lives



Certified Pilates Trainer
Kristen Meadows comes to her Pilate’s career in a very circuitous way. She spent the first 35 years of her professional life as a model/actress, starring in numerous movies, television shows and as a regular performer on the daytime soap operas, “One Life to Live” and “Santa Barbara”. As a performer, one is required to be in peak physical condition and Kristen explored various disciplines including yoga, ballet, Lotte Berke method, Feldenkreis and gymnastics. Having discovered Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska in her late teens, Kristen returned to it and became a certified Pilates Instructor in 2004 through Body Arts and Sciences founded and directed by Rael Isocowitz. Kristen continues her ongoing education with seminars to enrich her practice and bring new exciting repertoire to her work. “Stay on your toes, remember to breathe and have fun!”



Certified Pilates Trainer
Erika graduated in 1998 from UC Santa Barbara with a BFA in Dance. Upon graduating she danced professionally with Santa Barbara Dance Theatre for ten years. She toured extensively throughout China, Ireland, England and Wales. In 2002 she completed her certification with Body Arts and Science International and has been working at La Playa ever since. She also performed professionally with Winifred Harris dance company in LA and at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2005. Erika enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle and practices yoga regularly. She seeks to bring a well balanced outlook to Pilates.



Certified Pilates Trainer

Colleen Ferguson began studying classical ballet in Connecticut and continued her training at Gustafson Dance in Santa Barbara upon attending Westmont College. Her background in dance gave her a deep appreciation for Pilates and she enrolled in a Power Pilates mat certification in Boston, MA in 2004. She taught mat classes at Studio Art Centers International while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. In 2008 Colleen spent a year traveling and living in South America where she studied ballet at Julio Bocca of Buenos Aires, taught Pilates to private clients and discovered an appreciation for Pilates in South American culture. Upon her return to Santa Barbara Colleen completed a comprehensive certification with BASI. Her love for surfing, hiking, dance and yoga along with her diverse Pilates experience complements her integrative approach to health and well-being.



Certified Pilates Trainer
Lisa was first introduced to the Pilates method in 2003 as a means to rehabilitate an injury related to scoliosis. Through studying and practicing Pilates on a regular basis, she improved her posture, balance, and stability, while lengthening and strengthening core muscles. Impressed by these life-changing results, Lisa received a certification through Body Arts and Sciences (BASI). With an interest in whole body wellness, Lisa is also a certified massage therapist and esthetician, as well as proficient in the study of medicinal herbs and remedies. She has extended her Pilates practice to working with diabetic patients and also at the Braille Institute. With her intuitive awareness, expertise, and passion, Lisa helps her clients acheive their goals to improve and maintain a strong, healthy body.